Best Romantic Novels to Read Before you Die

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There are a plethora of options available for a book reader. The list can be endless, you might get confused about which book to read because of obviously less time. We all have our favourite genres to read from. Some of us like mystery some like thriller and biographies. Earlier we have also published a post regarding 10 Best Mystery Books of All Time 2018, do give it a read.

There is something oddly satisfying in reading a romantic book. It takes you in a different world which is beautiful.
Sometimes you curse the author for setting your expectations at such heights that you don’t like an ordinary guy, you are so in love with the character described in the book.
Surprisingly, you don’t even complain. The book you read, the characters you imagine, the story going on makes you happy.
It is very common to get stuck on which book to read next. Different people give you different suggestions for making it more confusing.
Here we have made a list of some romance novels to read before you die. Have a look-

Romance novels to read before you die



The notebook



From the master of romantic book writer “Nicholas Sparks”. This one from his collection will surely make you cry and you will again start believing in the power of true love.
This book shows how true love never fades no matter what the circumstances are.
A must read, a journey of a man who has unconditional love for his wife. How he waits for those few minutes when she recognises him again.

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Gone with the wind


gone with the wind

A classic it is. Anyone who reads romantic novels regularly will suggest you read this piece.
Amazing character plot and emotions swirling in the book will keep you hooked. You will be left mesmerised by the beauty of words and setting chosen by the writer.
Worth trying if you hate regretting.

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Fault in our stars-


fault in our stars


How easy it is to say that you love someone and yet how difficult to keep it going and make it always.
Two teenagers who bond over their illness when they participate in a group where all of the people suffer from some health issues.
This book shows a beautiful journey when both of them visit Amsterdam and confess their love in the city of love. The untoward incident changes their life within a short period of time.
This book shows how a normal ‘okay’ can be your ‘always’.

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The longest ride-


the longest ride


Yet another one from Nicholas Sparks. The author surely knows what makes a love story special.
All his books are worth reading but have some different spark an element of freshness.
Each love story is similar yet very different. The simplicity and complexity of a love story are well depicted in this one.
Grab your copy as soon as you can. This book is among the best modern romance novels.

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Once and for all-

once and for all


Louna is to fall in love with a man she doesn’t want to date given her previous experiences in matters related to love. She has seen many weddings since she was a child as the whole story is set in wedding planning backdrop. How she loathes the idea of a perfect marriage. This book has it all romance, drama, a rush, and a great ending. A must-read story of how a cynical girl falls in love with a man of not her dreams.

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PS I love you

p.s. i love you


This is the book recommended by everyone when you ask for suggestions in this genre. The story of a young, vibrant couple who are so in love and have a great understanding. How their perfect life falls apart when fate intervenes tearing them apart. How the girl survives after being shattered through some letters from her late husband. This will shed a light on how true love stays with you even when the person is absent from your life. The journey the character goes through is beautifully written by Cecelia Ahern.

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The forbidden rose


the forbidden rose


The book is about an aristocrat, once wealthy now disguised as a British woman who is penniless. She falls in love with a spy. The whole backdrop of the book is vintage and retro which will transport you to another world. This book is how they both fall in love where betrayal is guaranteed to happen. Read this different take on a love story and get ready to be hooked.

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The French lieutenant’s woman


The French lieutenant's woman


Do you also love a story with a bit of drama? Then this is the piece for you. John Fowles has amazingly set up a love triangle between a man, a rich woman and a deserted woman. How the engagement of first two is under the radar after the man lets his feelings override the void in his life and ends up having a night of passion with the other woman. A must-read if you are a fan of drama with a love story.

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Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet

How can we talk about love stories and not mention Romeo and Juliet? One of the most amazing stories to date in this genre. People till now give the example of love between these two characters. Not all love stories have beautiful endings some are tragic. This one justifies it. It is tragic yet heart-wrenching.

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The Governess Game

The Governess Game

Tessa Dare has done a beautiful job by writing this one. She has presented a cliche love story with a twisted approach. How a girl tries teaching some orphans basic etiquettes of behaving to become presentable young ladies. After much hue and cry, she finds out that the girls need love. How she explains this to the man (a playboy) without risking her own heart.

Worth giving a shot and recommended from our side.

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Surrender the wind

Surrender the wind


The ultimate award-winning book by Elizabeth Mitchell. The story is set with the backdrop of civil war. The story starts when a soldier falls in love with an independent heiress and their love crosses boundaries. They fight their enemy together when they are manipulated and played their love grows stronger. If you love stories with some historical feel then this is the perfect pick for you. You will realise how love is worth fighting for.

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Bared to you

Bared to you


There is simple love and then there is a toxic love story. You know the latter will make you weak and take so much from you but you end up falling for it anyway. This book has a perfect story which explains the latter. Must read if you enjoy such love stories. It is a little different take on the modern day love which changes a person.

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Room with a view


A Room with a View

The story is about a girl who has her life all figured out and planned. Little she knows that God has his own plans. She meets some novelists who are experts in romantic genres and finds out where her heart is. She falls in love with the son of one of the writers. Will she be brave enough to follow her heart or give up love to be someone else. The journey is captivating.

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Beautiful Disaster 


Beautiful Disaster


There is something about rejection and people have their own ways of dealing with it. In this book the opposites attract, a simple girl falls in love with a popular guy. How they are stuck with each other without realising that they have found the one they are looking for.
Twisted stories have a knack to keep us glued and at the edge.

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romantic novels to read

After a heartbreaking end to her romance, Kiera decides to never get trapped in a love triangle again. But fate has something else to offer. She finally falls for a man who is as dreamy as anybody can get. But now she is being tested, Will she be able to pass this ultimate test and make good decisions for herself.

Some people could relate and enjoy this one. Worth trying.

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So this was our take on some of the bestselling romance novels to read. Did we miss anything? How many of these have you read already? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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