Yoga is definitely a world-renowned fitness form. People from all over the world come to India to practice this and take the box of knowledge to be shared with their country. Yoga is related to meditative purposes also, it brings your body in sync with your heard and mind. The are many asanas in yoga to reduce belly fat.

We all get busy with our routines and find ways to stay fit. The best resort to this for many people is to avoid eating meals which are definitely not healthy. Taking time out for your body every day, it may be just 25 minutes Is enough to do the trick.  Do these yoga asanas while keeping your diet in check of course and be ready to see the results.

yoga to reduce belly fat

Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat



This asana helps you increase your height and keep in check the menstrual cycle in women. It is also very helpful in toning your abdomen and hips. Tadasana makes the functioning of your respiratory and digestive system better.

Who should avoid-

If you have low blood pressure, joint pain or suffer from insomnia, then you should avoid this asana.

Surya Namaskar

Benefits- If your aim is to get glowing skin while losing weight then this is the best yoga pose for you. It keeps your blood sugar level in check and helps keep insomnia in check. In women, it keeps the menstrual cycle in check.

Who should avoid-

Do not practice this asana if you have high blood pressure or coronary heart disease.



Ustrasana improves spine flexibility and tones abdomen and pelvis. This asana improves your posture and you are able to reduce thigh fat if you do this daily. This asana is helpful in the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Who should avoid-

People suffering from any back injury, migraine, and insomnia should avoid practicing this yoga.


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Benefits- This yoga asana improves spine flexibility and digestive system. It helps maintain the balance in the body. This asana also helps to keep stress at bay. This is an easy asana in yoga to reduce belly fat.

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Who should avoid-

People suffering from an ulcer, joint pain, migraine and low/high blood pressure should avoid this asana. Also, avoid doing this during the first 2 days of the menstrual cycle.


Benefits- It improves blood circulation and improves spine flexibility. If you are suffering from backache then this asana will help you. Marjariasana improves your digestive system and strengthens shoulders and arms and improves wrist flexibility.

Who should avoid-

Don’t practice this if you have head or knee injury.


Benefits- This asana is really helpful for asthma patients as it opens up heart and lungs. Bhujangasana helps relieve stress. It tones the abdomen and hips. It lifts your mood and keeps depression at bay.

Who should avoid-

Pregnant women should not attempt this yoga. Also, people having back injury and hernia must avoid it.


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Benefits- This asana improves digestion and keeps dizziness at bay. It provides flexibility to the back and improves blood circulation. It tones thighs, abdomen and groin and chest.

Who should avoid-

People suffering from ulcer, appendicitis and high blood pressure should not practice this.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Benefits- This asana strengthens your bones and keeps depression away. It is also very helpful in keeping menstrual pain in control and fastens your metabolism. This asana strengthens hamstrings, calves, arms and shoulders.

Who should avoid-

Not to be be done by someone having high blood pressure and tension in the wrists.


Benefits- Padahastasana Relieves tension in neck and shoulders. It regulates the calmness in the nervous system and improves the digestive system. It promotes the overall harmony in the body. This asana is really beneficial for back and hamstrings.

Who should avoid-

Not to be done by people having heart problems, back, hip or knee injury and hernia.


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Benefits- This asana is really beneficial in fighting insomnia. Pashimottasana boosts your appetite and improves digestion. This stretches your hamstrings and back and is really helpful in fighting depression and relieves stress. It keeps ovaries and uterus in good health.

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Who should avoid-

You must not practice this if you have a back problem or if you are pregnant. Avoid this yoga if you are an asthma patient.

Virabhadrasana 1

Benefits- This warrior pose helps in strengthening back muscles and provide flexibility to your abdomen ankles, hips and shoulders. Other benefits are that it helps improve blood circulation and energises the whole body.

Who should avoid-

Avoid it if you have a neck problem or shoulder pain. This yoga should not be done by a high blood pressure patient.


Benefits- This is probably one of the best asanas to get rid of constipation, and excess air and improves digestion. This asana directly affects the intestines and help you eliminate bloating. It improves nerve stimulation and regulates proper blood circulation.

Who should avoid-

Asthma patients should not practice this asana. Avoid it if you have back injury.


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Benefits- This asana boosts the immunity in your body and strengthens the abdomen, thighs, torso and hips. It provides flexibility to spine, ankles and hands. Utkatasana stimulates your heart as well.

Who should avoid-

Not to be done by pregnant women and the person having a knee injury.

Setu Bandhasana

Benefits- Along with flat stomach this asana endows you with fresh and glory skin. In women, it keeps the menstrual cycle in check and keeps those cramps away. Setu Bandhasana improves blood circulation and digestion. It stretches the chest and spinal cord.

Who should avoid-

People suffering from neck injury must not attempt this pose.


Benefits- This asana is very beneficial if you are battling constipation as it boosts digestion and is also very helpful in providing relief from diarrhoea. The overall body posture is improved and you achieve a toned stomach and lower abs easily.

Who should avoid-

Do not do this in your menstrual cycle and in pregnancy. Avoid it if you have high blood pressure.


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Baddha Konasana

Benefits- This yoga asana haps you in improving concentration and is a good hip opener. This pose stretches hips, groin, thighs and tones abdominal area. It provides relief from stress and anxiety.

Who should avoid-

Avoid this during periods and also do not attempt this asana if you have back, knee or hip injury.

Virabhadrasana 2

Benefits- This asana is very beneficial during the second trimester of pregnancy as it helps you get rid of backache. It also strengthens legs and shoulders and provides flexibility to ankles, feet and knees.

Who should avoid-

Not to be overdone by pregnant women or persons having spine problems.



Benefits- It is very useful in fighting osteoporosis and asthma. This asana is a good stimulator of pituitary and thyroid glands. It strengthens wrist, hips,  arms, spine and shoulder and is also beneficial for your heart.

Who should avoid-

Don’t do it if you have a heart problem or high blood pressure. Pregnant women must not attempt this yoga.


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Benefits- Shalabhasana is very useful in reducing belly fat and eliminating love handles. In addition to this, it provides relief from backache and gives flexibility to the spine. It also improves your posture.

Who should avoid-

This is not suitable for people having high blood pressure or suffering from one of the following- hernia, ulcers, abdominal tuberculosis.



Strengthens the hips and pelvic region also provides flexibility and stability to the body. Beneficial to improve concentration. This asana is also very helpful in fighting depression and anxiety.

Avoid this asana if you have knee and knee injury.

These were some simple asanas in yoga to reduce belly fat. Keep a check on your diet and do these days to see quick results.


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So here you have it guys. Some of the easiest yoga to reduce stomach fat. Do this asanas everyday and feel the different in your body.


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